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Moose hunting is a split session season. The sessions range from the end of September through the middle of November with three separate weeks for hunting. Moose permits are lottery drawn. Applications may be obtained by filling out the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Moose Permit Application Form or by calling 207-287-8000. Keep in mind that there IS an application deadline. As you fill out your application, keep in mind that we specialize in zones 1,2, 3, 5 & 6. If you have any questions about filling out your application or any other questions, feel free to give us a call at (207) 834-6108, we would be glad to assist you. A 6 day guided Moose hunt includes lodging in our fully equipped log cabins, meal plans, retrieving, skinning and quartering of the animal. Our Guided Maine Moose Hunts start at $5,500 for permittee and alternate. Ask about our all inclusive Trophy Moose Hunting Package starting at $7,000.00 and cow only hunts starting at $3,900. Fee for non-hunting adult guest is $500 per person for the week. Experienced local butcher services available to process the meat (not included in price.)

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Recommended articles to bring on your Moose hunt

  • Fire arm or bow Fire arm should be at least a 270 or better 150 minimum grain. I bullets prefer a 180 for our dense forest. Please do your best to have good optics on your fire arm most of the kills are early morning and end of the day very important to have a clear shot at low light conditions. Bow should be minimum 50lb pull. Fixed or mechanical head at least 7/8 inch wide.
  • Cabins are fully equipped with all linen s and cook ware. Just bring your personal belongings.
  •  Sept sessions are relatively mild but can be cool in the mornings. Early fall gear would be good . Oct session cooling of just bring some extra layers. Scent free /rubber boots. Rain gear. Tripod. One article of Orange is required during Moose season. Hat or vest or both. 3- 2-3 Big coolers.
  • All your Paper work Moose tag, and a Current Maine big game license .
  • Let us be aware of any Medical conditions before we hunt. 
  • Good binoculars. 
  • Please have your fire arm zeroed in out to about 300 yards but most shots are 100-150 yards. Bow shots 30-60 yards. Thank

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An Experience Like No Other!