Black Bear Hunts

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Black Bear hunting over baits begins end of August through end of September. We have a high success rate for big bear and offer close range shots for archery and hand gun hunters. A 6 day guided hunt includes lodging in our fully equipped log cabins, meal plans, retrieving, quartering and skinning of the animal. $2,250 per person. Fee for non-hunting adult guest is $500 per person for the week.

 Maine Black bear hunting is an over the counter tag Purchase. You can purchase online or when you arrive. We have 4 weeks of season over bait. The first week is typically the choice for most hunters and we do very well, however I seen the other weeks be just as good.  it depends on the natural feed and what mother nature has to offer them during season. The last week has produced some big bears for us, being it is getting colder and they need to fating up for the hibernation and the big bear seem to need more food then smaller bears. It is not a slam dunk hunt these bears are very smart and you must do your job as hunter if you want to be successful. A bear’s nose is said to be 10 times stronger than a blood hound. You cannot fool their nose but just be  very still the bears will get use to your scent being there and normally tolerate your presence and make that fatal mistake. We hunt from 15 foot metal ladder stands and ground blinds. Normal shot range for bow and pistol hunters is 15-25 yards. Rifle is 35-40 yards.

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An Experience Like No Other!